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What is Prompt Point (PP)?

Prompt Points (PP) is a distinctive point system on KNexus, serving as both a digital incentive for creativity and art and a cost associated with using KNexus for content creation, all to recognize and encourage your contributions in creation, sharing, and interaction

Generative NFT

KNexus package your Prompt and Content into a Generative NFT, utilizing PromptLock to establish ownership and IP protection of your creative ideas.

Mint your memory

The prompt is actually the crystallization of your skills, experiences, and creativity. Preserve memories with Prompt Point, secure work with PromptLock, and add imagination for future generations - built on your memory!

Decentralized Distribution

Publish works once and circulate on multiple platforms without account management. This increases the reach, circulation, and popularity of their works while maximizing revenue channels overcoming language and limitations.

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Generative NFT

Marketplace facilitates smooth interactions, allowing users to exchange and explore innovative ideas. Furthermore, users can complete posted tasks to earn rewards while leveraging their creative capabilities.